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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

House Concerts

In a simpler time, during the 1930’s and 1940’s, House Concerts were very popular but began to fade as more Theaters and Music Venues came into existence.

However, in the last ten years, with the desire for hearing quality music that may not be on the radio, House Concerts are experiencing a re-birth!

House concerts can be as varied as the people that open their homes to have them.
Becka’s Place is set up so that you have the choice of bringing an appetizer to share an hour before show time and mix with other music lovers OR you may come just for the concert.
Becka’s Place is not a “museum quiet” atmosphere but neither is it a “beer joint”.
Imagine somewhere in-between!

Each artist will be different. The genre of tunes you will hear will be singer/songwriters of Roots, Blues, and Americana music.

House Concerts vary in how each place differentiates.

To learn more about Becka's House Concerts in McCalla, AL please visit her web sight: Becka's Place

A little about Becka's Mission:

My purpose is to have friends and guests that love music gather at my home for fun, food and a great evening or afternoon of entertainment. I am a simply someone that loves music and prefers to choose the atmosphere of where I listen to good, quality music. I am not an expert: I do not make recommendations; I do not write reviews; I only know what I like. In the area where I live, I have found only a handful of places that qualify for my standards and because I have many musician friends, decided to follow the concept of an era gone by and start my own series.

I want to guarantee you a concert that will be up close and personal so that when you hear a song, you’ll feel free to ask the artist, “why did you write that?” or any other question that pops up. You can chat/visit with the artist and get to know them personally.

Read More: Becka's Place

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