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Monday, August 27, 2012

Computer help for the elderly

I decided to research a topic that is near and dear to my heart.

I have a 75 year old father who has purchased 2 very different laptops in the past 10 years and he still can not figure out the simple basics to using the computer and the internet.

He purchased his first laptop and got rid of it because he was so frustrated.

He purchased his second laptop approximately 3 years ago and this past father's day, I went to visit him and realized, he still could not perform basic tasks such as finding and playing his downloaded music, opening attachments to his email, locating pictures, etc.

It breaks my heart to know that while being retired, my father could benefit greatly from being on the internet and knowing how to perform basic functions.

He is not ignorant. He is college educated but to an elderly person, learning how to use the computer can be like learning a foreign language.

The rate at which baby boomers are retiring each and every day is astonishing. Learning where and how to get computer help for these individuals can be priceless if you don't have the time to sit with them everyday teaching them.

I have written a complete article on this topic with helpful solutions.

If you would like to help someone you know, please click here and continue to read.    please click here >>> Computer help for the elderly <<<

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Research & Learn!


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