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Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I Love Amazon! 

My kids will laugh at this post along with a lot of other young people, but I'm writing this for older folks!

If you have never ordered products online and are possibly afraid to do this, let me update you!

Amazon is one of the largest retailers online. I have personally ordered dozens of items from Amazon and have never had a disappointing transaction.

Amazon provides reviews from customers who have already purchased the item you are interested in, and the reviews are priceless.

I know a lot of the young kids online are fearless. They don't see potential trouble and appear to some of us middle aged people as not very careful of all they are doing online, like paying bills, and making purchases.

But the truth is, I feel safe doing these things! There are always going to be dishonest people trying to steal from you whether it be on the phone, a knock on your door or online, but this is no reason not to enjoy the convenience of looking up products and reviews and purchasing.

I think many people are missing a tremendous opportunity by not researching something everyday!

You have a new I Phone? Do you have any idea how that phone can be used to make things in your life so much easier. Research it!

Do you need to protect that phone, check out Amazon and read the reviews. I purchased at least 7 I phone cases on Amazon and have been happy with every purchase! I purchased my latest I pad protection on Amazon and love it.

I have purchased everything from filters to furniture! Don't let fear keep you from enjoying a whole new way of doing things. It's fun and safe.

Amazon has encrypted their purchasing area for your safety. Give it a try!
Click on the link below and see all the options just for your phone, and they are much cheaper on Amazon.

Cell Phone Acessories

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